Buyer’s Guide to Laser LED Christmas Lights

Most people have an idea that LED lights save a lot of electricity. However, there are many other advantages to switching over. A nationwide survey conducted by Christmas Lights, Etc polled over 2000 Christmas consumers and found that 57% prefer LED Christmas lights over traditional ones. Some reasons to consider LED lights are:

  • They produce little or no heat, always staying cool to the touch and safe for children or pets to be around. 
  • LED light sets are made to last tens of thousands of hours, going far beyond the traditional lights. 
  • 8 to 10 times more mini light strings can be strung together while only using one plug outlet. 

So let’s look at some popular LED Christmas lights to help you decide which ones are best suited for your holiday season. 

LED Christmas Lights

LED Mini Light Strings

LED Mini Light Strings are also known as M5 LED lights. Originally, they were designed to look like the traditional incandescent mini lights we have all used in the past. There are a few different styles that these lights come in, and some of them are actually made to look identical to the older incandescent counterparts. If you love the look of traditional incandescent mini lights, then you can achieve that look with these mini LED Christmas lights.  

LED Wide Angle Mini Lights

These lights look a little different to the usual mini lights, but they serve the same function. They emulate the look of mini lights, and are often called “polka dot” lights. These wide angle LED lights disperse colorful light in a wide, circular pattern, rather than straight out of the light.

C6 Strawberry Lights 

These LED Christmas lights are a decorators dream! They come in a unique strawberry shape and are very popular for illuminating bushes and trees. They are also often seen used for indoor decorating and as party or wedding accent lighting. 

LED C7 Light Strings

If you love the traditional incandescent outdoor Christmas light bulbs, but are looking for an alternative to glass and overhead cost to power them, LED C7 Lights are the most comparable. They are also permanently affixed to wire, and they are comparable to ⅞ inch diameter smooth bulbs, just like traditional incandescent lights. Most commonly used outdoors, they can also be used inside to create a rich atmosphere. 

G12 Raspberry Lights

G12 LED Christmas lights will remind you raspberries or gum drops, and are a fun addition to any colorful and unique design theme. Don’t be fooled however by the size of these mini globes. They have a diamond faceted design which creates a radiant light halo.