How to Angle Your Holiday Light Projector for the Best Effect

How to Angle Your Holiday Light Projector for the Best Effect

A lot of people invest in holiday light projectors these days, instead of stringing up traditional lights. For the most part, it’s pretty easy to do. Just choose a part of your house or backyard to illuminate and highlight, and point the projector that way. However, there is a little more finesse to it than that. Adjusting the angle to show off the lights to their best effect is important. 

Before you start considering angles, consider what you’re buying first. You may need to splurge a bit to get the quality you want. And it will be well worth it when you switch it on. Also, before buying anything, think about your backyard or the room where you want to use it. Most, if not all, holiday light projects can be used indoors or outdoors, so that’s a plus, since you can change up how you use it. 

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Let’s look at an example. Assume you want to illuminate your porch so the neighbors and passers by can enjoy the festivities with you. The porch is a flat surface and your holiday light projector will love it. The thing to think about is distance. Some projectors are brighter than others are, so distance is definitely a consideration. Most holiday light projectors claim to work at a 100 yards, but for optimum effect place yours between 20 to 100 feet. You’ll figure out with some testing the exact distance you should place your projector. Most likely however, anywhere you place the projector, it will work fine, as the distance doesn’t affect the focus, only the brilliance. 

While holiday light projectors are ground based, they can always be placed at a height. You could put it on the roof to shine across a particular part of the house. Or drive a stake in the ground, mount the projector, and there you go. 

There’s really no trick to angling the device. Most projectors will come with adjustable sections underneath the casing and with stakes to insert. Play around with the accessories and you can get the right angle in no time. 

There is no better feeling than enjoying the holidays with your family. And with laser lights the experience can become even more enriching. Small details like angling your holiday light projector will make the holidays memorable for years to come.