Smart Storage Solutions: How to Store Christmas Lights Post-Holiday Season

The holiday season brings joy and warmth into our homes, with Christmas lights playing a pivotal role in creating a festive ambiance. However, as the season winds down, the daunting task of storing these lights arises, often leading to tangled messes and potential damage. This guide provides smart storage solutions for your Christmas lights, ensuring they remain in perfect condition for the next holiday season.

1. Cardboard Wraps

DIY Solution

Repurpose cardboard pieces into organizers by cutting them into rectangles and wrapping lights around them. Make a slit on one end to secure the plug and wrap the strand tightly.


  • Prevents tangling
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly by recycling cardboard

2. Reels and Winders

Specialized Tools

Invest in light reels or winders, designed specifically for storing Christmas lights. These tools allow you to wind your lights neatly, minimizing damage and tangles.


  • Easy to use
  • Enhances longevity of lights
  • Stackable designs for compact storage

3. Plastic Bags for Bulb Protection

Extra Care for Bulbs

After wrapping your lights, place them in plastic bags to protect delicate bulbs from damage. This is especially useful for LED lights and larger decorative bulbs.


  • Protects against moisture and dust
  • Individual bags for each strand prevent tangling
  • Transparent bags allow for easy identification

4. Labeling for Efficiency

Organize by Location or Color

Label each wrapped strand or bag with its specific location (e.g., tree, porch, mantel) or color. This organizational step saves time during the next decorating season.


  • Simplifies setup
  • Avoids confusion and mix-ups
  • Streamlines the decorating process

5. Tub Storage with Dividers

Structured Organization

Use large storage tubs with dividers to organize wrapped and bagged lights. Dividers can be made from cardboard or purchased as part of storage kits.


  • Keeps strands separated and protected
  • Facilitates easy access and removal
  • Protects lights from external pressures and damage

6. Hanging Storage

Vertical Solutions

For longer strands or icicle lights, consider hanging them from hooks or hangers in a storage closet or garage. Ensure they are loosely coiled to prevent tangling.


  • Maximizes vertical storage space
  • Keeps lights straight and ready for use
  • Prevents creasing and wire damage


Storing Christmas lights may seem tedious, but with the right approach, it can be a smooth and efficient process. By utilizing these smart storage solutions, you can protect your investment, reduce setup time for the next holiday season, and enjoy the beauty of your Christmas lights for years to come. Embrace organization and say goodbye to the frustration of tangled lights.