The Best Laser Christmas Lights Reviews for 2023

The Best Laser Christmas Lights Reviews for 2017

There’s always a moment in the excitement of holiday decorating, when you remember that in a few weeks you’ll have to unstring those lights and put the decorations away for another year. And that will be even more time consuming than putting them up. So what’s the solution? It’s laser lights to the rescue!

Laser lights are energy efficient. There’s no untangling of lights and replacing light bulbs. They’re hard to say no to. In the spirit of the season, we have some laser Christmas lights reviews for you.

Hottly Christmas & Halloween Light Projector 

Reasonably priced so they won’t break the bank, these lights are a great choice for many occasions. The projector lights have a bright light and give no less than 16 pattern LEDs that fit different situations. They can be used on Christmas, Halloween or on any party all year long. Some of the patterns are: Santa, Snowman, Christmas tree, Snowflake, Heart, Rabbit, Ghost, Skull, and Pumpkin. The projector lights can be controlled by the easy to use remote control. It comes with a long cord and the images are clear. It’s also waterproof. 

Christmas Projector

CHUNNUO Laser Christmas Lights

Reliable and low priced, this laser Christmas light projector brings a nice, colorful light over your home or inside of it for the holidays. The projector is easy to install and has moving stars. The case is waterproof making the projector ready for outdoor use. There is an auto-off function which means that that the laser lights automatically shut off in 4 hours time, saving energy. 

Starry Full Color Motion Laser Light Star Projector

This laser projector offers so many options to light up your residence. It’s FDA approved, so you may use it safely for your pool, camping, wedding and pretty much every holiday, including Christmas. There are 7 colors, 5 brightness levels and 4 patterns for you to play with. There are also 3 speed options, or you can set it for static or motion mode. The laser projector comes with 3 Auto Timer modes and you may press the 4/6 or 8H button to set the time when you want it to turn on automatically. 

Imbeang 8 Pattern Garden Laser Light

The laser projector gives you 8 patterns to use: moving green, blue and red light and 3 speed models (static, slow and fast). The patterns may change quite fast and there are more than 1000+ to decorate your home in a colorful and bright way. It comes with a smart control to set the colors and speed. The aluminum metal case and waterproof grade make it ideal for outdoor use, but of course you can also use it indoors. And finally, it comes with a security lock which prevents theft. 

Now that you’ve read a few laser Christmas lights reviews, you are well equipped to go out and start shopping.